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Surahs: Kafiroon, Maa’un, Qadr, Feel

Dua: (3:147, 3:16)

Reading: Tanween, Long vowels (Maad)

Resources: Read Quran Page 14-21


Husayni Madrasah Book 1


Tarbiyah is a curriculum developed by the MCE (Madrasah Centre of Excellence), which delivers Islamic knowledge through an integrated and learner centred approach. This allows the teacher and students to navigate our history and Quranic knowledge and derive a wide array of subjects and lessons from each one.

The learner centered approach allows the teacher to ensure that all the different styles of learning are catered to within the class session, and allows the student to be an active player in the learning process.

Tarbiyah at Husayni Madrasah is taught from Playgroup to Class 4.


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