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Classes 7 and 8 are taught together and the syllabus will alternate between Class 7 and 8 each year, so by the end of the two years, all items are covered.


Surahs: Fajr, A’ala, Al Kahf (28:60-82)

Reading: Practice reading with fluency and learn to navigate the Quran – identify a juz/surah/aya. Learn the Arabic numerals and use the surah index to find surahs by page number.


Husayni Madrasah Book 5 (link to uploaded file)


  • Usul ad deen: Tawheed, Adalah, Nubuwah, Imamah, Al Ma’ad
  • Simple definition of the following: Muslim, Mu’min, Kafir, Munafiq, Mushrik
  • Taharah: Najasah, Mutanajis, Ghusl, Tayyamum
  • Salah:
    • meanings of surah, tasbihate arba, ruku, sajdah, tashahud, salaam and qunoot
    • muqddamatus salah, wajibur rukn, shak
  • explanation of niyyah, qiyam, takbiratul ihram, ruku, sajdah
  • salahul ayat: its need and timings
  • Sawm: those exempted from fasting, mubatilatus sawm, the benefits of fasting
  • Ijtihad: Taqleed and Mujtahid
  • Duas and Ziyarat


  • Adaab: socialising, the rules of a mosque and other places of worship, personal hygiene
  • Virtues
  • Vices


Islamic History – This is taught on a two year rotation

Year 1

  1. Prophet Muhammad

Deputations and Invitations to great rulers to accept Islam

  1. Battles


Uhud – 3AH

Khandaq – 5AH

  1. The Treaty of Hudaibiya – 6AH
  2. Khayber – 7AH
  3. Conquest of Mecca  – Expedition of Tabuk
  4. Mubahila – 9AH
  5. Ghadir – Farewell Pilgrimage – 10AH
  6. Death and Burial of Prophet
  7. Saqifa
  8. Abu Bakr
  9. Umar
  10. Uthman
  11. Companions of the Imams

Malik al-Ashtar

Muhammad ibn AbuBakr

Kumayl (du’a Kumayl)

Hujr ibn Adi

  1. Karbala ( departure from Karbala to Kufa – Damascus
  2. Zaynab
  3. 4th Imam – Zaynul – Abidin (a.s.)

Year 2

  1. Extended family tree of the Prophet
  2. Revision on Prophet Muhammed (a.s.) as reflected in the Qur’an and the Ahadith
  3. Imams 5-12

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