Class 4 Learning Journey


Salamunalaikum Parents,

This week’s Tarbiyya classes were focused on the adhan and iqamah and differentiating between them by looking at the way they are read as well as when they are to be read. We also discussed how these need to read in their ears when they are born and students shared with the class who did this for them. Apart from this, we had a look at a Hadith highlighting the merits of reciting the adhan and iqamah.

The book they have been given to take home this week talks about all the above.

Apart from sitting down with your child and reading through it, please could you also do the following: there is a power parenting page to read and discuss with your children, a recommended dua to recite and memorise, and please practice the Adhan and Iqamah with your child for them to have it memorised.

Fi Amanillah,

Hamid and Mariam

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